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Nathans Journal

Dec. 17th, 2006

12:26 pm - Update of some sorts

well me and jen are doing better every day that we are together. work is starting to pick up, spending 200 every paycheck for gas sucks. on different medication now and it seems to be helping me out. only thing that is going to completely stop it is to quit my hellhole of a job.
me and jen went to my families thing yesterday. was told that no gifts were going to be exhanged, just for the kids. so my aunt and cousin gets us stuff and we felt so bad. kevins kids are so cute, they try to be shy but we know kids arent shy.
then i couldnt find anything or anyone to hang out with so i went to jens christmas party and was the token christian as usual. it was nice, seeing amy and jen, brian, and bunch of other people.
we might go up to missouri....yeah redneck disneyworld BASS PRO HQ.
so that is all for now. happy holidays. and new year.

nathan turner

Oct. 31st, 2006

09:27 am - update...and happy halloween

so long time no update. me and jen finally got our heads out of our asses and come to the senses that we need each other. we are both on anti depressants and are much happier.
shes sick so i cant give her kisses.
while jen was at FOS i was suspose to go to my tech conference but my money wasnt right.
so that friday night me allison, jackie and brian went to the haunted house. never knew jackie was scared of chainsaws, guess i shouldnt had told the kid to go chase her.
that is all that i can think of.

oh and today i am dressed up as a "out of work construction worker thanks to the influx of illegal aliens being hired as cheap labor". carhart pants, my old du shirt and a carhart hat.

Aug. 19th, 2006

08:29 pm - Funny Post

Street Racing in the illegal sense has gone on since two cars first meton the road, filming it didnt come much farther behind as well.However, it's likely that actually filming the act in the car was first done in this video from 1978 demonstrates.

The icing on the cake here is that these ingenious lads Google Mappedthe actual route the car takes through the city of Paris, France. Thedriver was supposedly not known, but rumoured to a former Formula Onedriver, and the car a Ferarri 275 GTB, but filmaker Claude Lelouchadmitted years later that the actual camera car was a Mercedes 450SELwith the engine soundtrack overdubbed.

But who gives a shit? The concept was damned entertaining to me!


My post
OK that has insired me to do that: the memphis way.
parts needed
1 hooptie
1 roll of duct tape
1 vhs camcorder

Start the movie with me leaving work, loading in the tape to therecorder, pressing record with the first shot of my crotch. then metaking my finger and cleaning the lense. I then exit the parking lotmaking sure to flip off the security girl in the ranger parked in frontof the door. turn onto holmes road and honk my horn at the fool that isriding the turning lane. turn left onto crumpler/kirby parkway. passthe construction site that was built by mexicans and turn into theexxon station. come out with 2 40 oz bud lights. get in the car...andit wont start...try again and it does start..yes it must be a chevy. ithen exit and get back onto kirby parkway. i am driving down the roadand see a car in the median ditch..yes it rained that day... andcontinue driving. i get up to the 385 ramp and get cut off by a mexicanin a del sol so i flip him off. i turn left onto the ramp and get upbeside him..i run him off the road. i get onto 385 and can tell itsalready backed up at the 240 nashville. so i sit in traffic for 45minutes inching up a little at a time. i start on my first 40 of beer.45 minutes later im half way thru the beer and im to poplar ave and allof the sudden the traffic is no longer gridlock...no wrecks noconstruction. i then speed up to let the flowmasters roar. i am pimpingalong in the fast lane and a SUV doing 60 gets in front of me..i flipher off but she is too busy talking on the phone. i then write downwhat sport her kid plays and the team name..will have to remember toslash her tires at soccer day. im crusing along at 72 mph and i passthe 40 to nashville exit and decide to get in the middle lane... i passthe 40 offramp and a 18 wheeler decides it doesnt wwant to get off atsummer ave so he merges into my lane. i have to slow down because somewannabe pimp in a z71 on 24s is in my blindspot. i then pass covingtonpike and jackson and see the guys driving at the bottoms..i honk atthem. i get all the way up to warford and see the white explorer mpdvehicle with its spotlight on..i flip him off. i then get to themillington exit and see the "welcome to frayser" sign and a tear comesto my eye. i am still pimping along at 72mph..remember im in a chevy.ithen take the right curve and there is a homeless person in the medianso i flip him off. i continue my drive at 52mph and then end up at myhome..again another shot of my crotch and i hit the stop button.
oh yeah i properly disposed of the empty bottle in the trash can and took the other bottle in and drank it in the ac.

originally posted on memphisracingscene.com

Jul. 24th, 2006

09:10 am - update

omg myspace is down.
class reunion is this weekend, cant afford it.
me and jen are good now, still have to work out the bugs but i think we will be fine. at least she doesnt want a divorce now. some of her friends dont like me anymore ::flipoff::
just living life.

Jun. 17th, 2006

12:55 pm - weekend.

is rather uneventful. went to hooters last night with the TOR guys/gals. had some 911 hot wings...they are quite warm. then stood outside with them trying to find somewhere else to go. ended up coming home. going to bed. woke up, decided i was going to buy some offroad lights for the truck. spent 45 minutes deciding where to mount the switch. then it started to rain..it still is.
bought a waterhose yesterday but it is too short, so today the neighbor comes over and starts talking, gives me a spool to hold the waterhose and his old 100 foot hose to go from the valve to the spool.
no word from jen, amy is being herself. john and christy are going to a funeral..i mean wedding today.
trying to find someone to go to the tractor pull in covington tonight, allison is giving me bad vibes like im invading.
this whole going thru a divorce sucks, feel like no one is around, which is depressing. so if you plan on not wanting to be alone...dont get married just to get divorced.
My coworkers keep telling me that i should try to work things out and that she will be back, then i tell them about things she said to me and they are like "oh, well sorry to hear that".

On a upnote howard 100 and 101 is available for streaming audio ...woohoo i can listen to bubba while at home now.

Jun. 9th, 2006

07:42 pm - Weekend Update with Nathan

No saturday work, i was going to call in anyway, ha. 4wheelparts is having a opening tomorrow at the new place, hey its free food and swag.
me and jen are on so so terms, she still says some things that affect me. talking to her while at work is getting hard on me, im a wuss i guess.
so i think im going to get allison to go with me to get a tattoo, yes me getting a tattoo. with all the crap ive gone thru i need luck, so im thinking a
4 leaf clover on my left shoulder.
Frank is still in the army.
well i guess that is all for now.

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Jun. 3rd, 2006

04:43 pm - New Tires.

Bought me some new tires. bigger, more aggressive.
Also had a horrible week at work and at home, i apparently pissed off someone to have such a sucky week.
Jen and Amy both deny having a curse on me, so maybe it will pass.
I have started to go to church again.
Dont know how many time I have to mention this, but work sucks.

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May. 28th, 2006

08:50 pm - cleaning out my dirty laundry. take 2

Had to redo thanks to my wife knowing my password.
I dont feel like typing the email between her and amy about steve with the prefix 315

May. 23rd, 2006

09:38 pm - Yet another love song by Rammstein

Te quiero puta! (I love you, whore!)
Unofficial Translation ©2005 Viridiana Obando.

Hey friends . . .
Go ahead friends . . .
Come on, come on, my love
I really like your flavor
Not not not not your heart
Really really like your lemon
Give me your fruit
Come on, my love . . .
I love you, whore!
I love you, whore!
Oh, so good

Oh, so good, one, two, three
Yes, I want you once again
But not not not your heart
More more more of your lemon
Give me your fruit
Give me your fruit
Come on, my love . . .
I love you, whore!
I love you, whore!
Oh, so good

Between your legs I'm going to cry
I'm going to be happy and sad
I'm going to be happy and sad

More, more, more, please
More, more, more, yes, yes, sir
More, more, more, please
More, more, more, yes, yes, sir
Don't be afraid of me
I'm not going to eat you
More, more, more, please
More, more, more, yes, yes, sir
Yes, yes, sir

I love you, whore!
I love you, whore!
Give it to me, give it to me
I love you, whore!

[1] There are several ways of saying "love" in Spanish. "Quiero" can also mean "want" but in this case, it is "love", as in "romantic love".

May. 14th, 2006

12:37 pm - I love Sunday ads

Now I bet your wondering, why nathan do you love sunday ads in the local paper. your cheap, not jodi cheap but you dont like to go to stores to buy music. and why would you need cds when you have kick ass sirius satalite in your pimp ass ride. i will tell you why. POWER OF THE INTERWEB!!! I look at the ads each sunday to find music that is out or coming out that i have simply forgot is out. Punk goes... series is very nice set of albums. the revision of marilyn mansons "beautiful people" is nice, hell i think trevor would like it. im not a manson fan, hell im about 5 years behind on what people liked just so that i wasnt trendy with others, ok hawthorne heights is a good band.
so i dont know where im going with this post, just thought id post. work sucks ass, i had to take a zanax the other day just so that wouldnt snap on management. so i hear frank is joining the army, wish him luck, dont know why he wants to do it. i hope it isnt to prove something to john, which i still have his obit from the paper at my desk and laugh at all the stupid stuff that kid did.
so today is mothers day, kiss all moms. i need to go the gravesite sometime today. hopefully jen will have her baby soon...noooo not my jen, chris' jen.
well i guess that is all for my posting, have to get dressed and go to the bat cave, aka the grandparent in laws.

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