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Update for 2008 - Nathans Journal

Sep. 28th, 2008

10:24 am - Update for 2008

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So long time no update. I am employed by Millington Telephone Company doing help desk support for DSL customers. Yep i get to get grandma how to set up her email account so that she can get grandkids pictures and penis pump email offers. I also get to call the 16 year old kids parents and tell them to stop downloading video games and movies due to copywrite enfringements, yay for RC4 enabled on BT. Me and jennifer are doing good, could be doing better but that is a issue with me and my head, big one not little one. Its fall now and i need to get my butt riding again. House is slowly coming along, just no money to really finish what i need to do. We are now parents for 2 cats, Gato and Gracie. Gato is 1.5 years old and Gracie is couple months old. Gracie plays and Gato just takes it til he cant take it anymore and swats her down. Nephew Will is doing good, doctor thinks hes either OCD or has slight autism. Will see more as he gets older. Other nephew Aaron just sits and giggles every now and again, i guess that is what babies do...never been a baby person so i dont know.
Geocaching is slowly fading away, done all the caches in my area minus 1 that i just cant find. Taking my Ham license test next saturday, once i pass either the tech or general i can slowly buy equipment. prob will plan out what i want then buy cheaper stuff like antenna, wiring then buy the unit as long as i know what unit i want to purchase in the beginning. Guess that will be my hobby, im really trying to get away from PC as the only source of hobby. I guess after that ill spend most of the time in the truck chatting since that will be the only unit i will have for some time.