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New job - Nathans Journal

Jun. 8th, 2008

09:47 pm - New job

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So after 5 years at my shitty job at flextronics international, i up and quit. Spend the next month applying my ass for jobs thru every job site out there even craigslist. my friend michael gets me on with harrahs thru teksystems. 2 days after i accept the job i get a email out of the blue with a job offer with Bigriver. for those that dont live in the area, they are locally owned dsl, cable tv, internet, phone company. they are higher than comcast or att. so i meet with them , great benefits, m-f schedule..what will i do with the free time. its 4 miles from the house so i will be able to bike..which is good cuz i realized today that my tags expire in may not june that we thought they did. whoops
so new job 4 miles from home with benefits, m-f 8-5. no more "what time do i get to leave today". no more rob yelling at us telling us to do one more. no more thinking of a way to quit the job. no more wondering about will i make it this week. no more having to go to the doctor for prozac and telling them i need something stronger.

before i made the decision to quit harrahs i asked if i could visit where i will sit. he said yes so i meet them. the dsl division is 5 people, jim..my boss, another older guy, a older lady and a guy who is about my age. i get my own pc, no more sharing desk. i even have a window to look at. im going to set up my 401k as soon as they give me the info. they match dollar for dollar up to 7%, so i will start at 5 til my raise then will go to 7%.
I am also starting to collect cisco since that is what they run in the CO, im one building over from there.

On another note, i will be 30 in 21 days. so i have spent half a decade of my adult life being stuck at a endless job. maybe the next decade of my life will be better, def cant get worse thats for sure.


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Date:June 11th, 2008 09:44 pm (UTC)


Sounds like big congrats are in order, so CONGRATULATIONS man!
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Date:June 21st, 2008 01:19 pm (UTC)
UPDATE: my friend michael informs me the other day that they have 90 days. the outsourced job just got outsourced!
He sends me a message the other day saying that i was very lucky. Then he told me. So maybe my life is becoming complete.
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