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update - Nathans Journal

May. 28th, 2007

05:20 pm - update

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so many things going on lately.
dell selling computers with linux..yay but its only intel chips booo.
sad kermit is fucking funny.
me and jen are buying a house. closing thrusday. yay i get my own barn...and buy tools. and paint.
speaking of me and jen, we are doing better now. still got sexual issues but that is thanks to my drugs to not make me snap at work. that reminds me. my job sucks donkey balls.

so for the house, we have a lot of work to do...well in my mind. i want to churn up all the grass in the back and redo it. whoever had it before us had a above ground pool. so we are getting her dad to bring the tractor with the leveler and try to do the best we can. i have to do some stuff with the roof.. yeah i have a fear of heights.
i also want to get in the attic and drop cat 6 cable in most of the rooms for networking, but will probably stick with wireless for jens desktop and laptop.
vista sucks, i think im going to format and put media center back on it. networking to vista is not easy in my eyes. it also killed my favorite things, oh such as 5.1 sound and camera upload wizard.
also means with us moving that i have to drop earthlink/comcast and go with millington tel/xipline for internet. i heard they were slow but im not downloading that much these days.

so that is all for now. talk to you in 3 months.

nathan. the token christian.


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