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Nathans Journal

Apr. 9th, 2009

10:37 am

today as been busy at work. hope it gets better soon.

Apr. 8th, 2009

11:56 am

trying out ping.fm

Sep. 28th, 2008

10:24 am - Update for 2008

So long time no update. I am employed by Millington Telephone Company doing help desk support for DSL customers. Yep i get to get grandma how to set up her email account so that she can get grandkids pictures and penis pump email offers. I also get to call the 16 year old kids parents and tell them to stop downloading video games and movies due to copywrite enfringements, yay for RC4 enabled on BT. Me and jennifer are doing good, could be doing better but that is a issue with me and my head, big one not little one. Its fall now and i need to get my butt riding again. House is slowly coming along, just no money to really finish what i need to do. We are now parents for 2 cats, Gato and Gracie. Gato is 1.5 years old and Gracie is couple months old. Gracie plays and Gato just takes it til he cant take it anymore and swats her down. Nephew Will is doing good, doctor thinks hes either OCD or has slight autism. Will see more as he gets older. Other nephew Aaron just sits and giggles every now and again, i guess that is what babies do...never been a baby person so i dont know.
Geocaching is slowly fading away, done all the caches in my area minus 1 that i just cant find. Taking my Ham license test next saturday, once i pass either the tech or general i can slowly buy equipment. prob will plan out what i want then buy cheaper stuff like antenna, wiring then buy the unit as long as i know what unit i want to purchase in the beginning. Guess that will be my hobby, im really trying to get away from PC as the only source of hobby. I guess after that ill spend most of the time in the truck chatting since that will be the only unit i will have for some time.

Jun. 8th, 2008

09:47 pm - New job

So after 5 years at my shitty job at flextronics international, i up and quit. Spend the next month applying my ass for jobs thru every job site out there even craigslist. my friend michael gets me on with harrahs thru teksystems. 2 days after i accept the job i get a email out of the blue with a job offer with Bigriver. for those that dont live in the area, they are locally owned dsl, cable tv, internet, phone company. they are higher than comcast or att. so i meet with them , great benefits, m-f schedule..what will i do with the free time. its 4 miles from the house so i will be able to bike..which is good cuz i realized today that my tags expire in may not june that we thought they did. whoops
so new job 4 miles from home with benefits, m-f 8-5. no more "what time do i get to leave today". no more rob yelling at us telling us to do one more. no more thinking of a way to quit the job. no more wondering about will i make it this week. no more having to go to the doctor for prozac and telling them i need something stronger.

before i made the decision to quit harrahs i asked if i could visit where i will sit. he said yes so i meet them. the dsl division is 5 people, jim..my boss, another older guy, a older lady and a guy who is about my age. i get my own pc, no more sharing desk. i even have a window to look at. im going to set up my 401k as soon as they give me the info. they match dollar for dollar up to 7%, so i will start at 5 til my raise then will go to 7%.
I am also starting to collect cisco since that is what they run in the CO, im one building over from there.

On another note, i will be 30 in 21 days. so i have spent half a decade of my adult life being stuck at a endless job. maybe the next decade of my life will be better, def cant get worse thats for sure.

May. 18th, 2008

03:32 pm - Yearly update

new job, love it. jen and myself are great. thats it. see you next year.

May. 28th, 2007

05:20 pm - update

so many things going on lately.
dell selling computers with linux..yay but its only intel chips booo.
sad kermit is fucking funny.
me and jen are buying a house. closing thrusday. yay i get my own barn...and buy tools. and paint.
speaking of me and jen, we are doing better now. still got sexual issues but that is thanks to my drugs to not make me snap at work. that reminds me. my job sucks donkey balls.

so for the house, we have a lot of work to do...well in my mind. i want to churn up all the grass in the back and redo it. whoever had it before us had a above ground pool. so we are getting her dad to bring the tractor with the leveler and try to do the best we can. i have to do some stuff with the roof.. yeah i have a fear of heights.
i also want to get in the attic and drop cat 6 cable in most of the rooms for networking, but will probably stick with wireless for jens desktop and laptop.
vista sucks, i think im going to format and put media center back on it. networking to vista is not easy in my eyes. it also killed my favorite things, oh such as 5.1 sound and camera upload wizard.
also means with us moving that i have to drop earthlink/comcast and go with millington tel/xipline for internet. i heard they were slow but im not downloading that much these days.

so that is all for now. talk to you in 3 months.

nathan. the token christian.

Mar. 30th, 2007

05:57 pm - update

life sucks. work sucks. i hate my job.
is it bad to have suicide thoughts while at work?
yes im out of paxil.
i almost told my manager that i quit but im a pussy.
oh well life sucks then you die.

Feb. 12th, 2007

06:31 pm - update

2 days without my nutso pills and i am trying to feel fine but damn i am getting pissy over the easiest things
i hate phones now.

Feb. 1st, 2007

10:27 pm - Jens quote of the day

Lunarastar22: so me and norman just discussed reincarnation
Lunarastar22: and I think you would come back as a mirror in a victoria secret dressing room
DucxUnlmtd: sweet!

Jan. 15th, 2007

07:41 pm - Springfield Trip

So me and the wife decide to go see a friend of hers up in Missouri whois in Graduate school. We leave work thrusday night and drive up there.Friday morning we had breakfast then went to bass pro shop world store.Freaking awesome.
On to the pics.
Light Fixtures throughout the whole place.
Turtle area
racoon with rabbit ears.
Taxidermy deer

Waterwheel and pond

Wasp nest
Bald eagle

Then all hell breaks loose, it decided it wanted to mimic ice storm 94 that happened in memphis.
Saturday morning
Ironic if i should say so
Civic Hybrid
Poor Antenna
Tree blocking my wifes friends driveway
We parked under this tree the night before, i went to get gas and decided i should move it across the street

Jen looking at Jenn

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